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.... · beauty · in · the · multiplicity · of · patches... · (1995)

all things fibre, needle and thread.... no professional quilters please

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Have you ever wondered why patchwork is sewn with a 1/4 inch seam.

If you can find a reliable history of this patchwork rule I would be fascinated to know all about it!

A lovely friend fairly new to patchwork asked me the question:  "why 1/4 inch".  Well just 'cause.  LOL

SO in honor of breaking the mold and perhaps finding out for ourselves why 1/4 inch seam allowance.... we will be making an item with a 3/8 inch seam allowance (well I was pushing for 1/2 inch but I understand fabric and bulk considerations).

So there is the first two possible reasons for 1/4 inch seams:

1. scant fabric available

2. dont desire too bulky seams

Anyone have a nice little project that we could make for ourselves while we test some 3/8 inch theories?

edited:  this is the odd challenge for January ...... but while making for Christmas we might find something nice..... so dont worry...... no more pressure for December......

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the front of a needlebook - heart shaped - design by S. O'Connor, Australia
Her beautiful design is much bigger but I just needed something delicious...... a few strawberries!!

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Everyone is working towards Christmas and holidays! 

But 2009 will be here soon ..... so here is a first run of the Calendar month to month ideas for 2009
If you have made something and you loved the pattern, you have your own pattern to share, or an idea, we would love to hear it!!

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While Im in the middle of working borders... I thought I would post some tips that help me... (Im still a beginner).  Lots of people figure out better / different ways of working.  It's all good to me.

What are the patchwork tips that you keep in mind while working patchwork?

tips... Collapse )

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I'm very excited to have a group to post my other projects
I'll have to have a think about ideas so I'll get back to you on that
I'm soon to start some embroidery work on some washcloths(facewashers) just for something different that I can do while watching the kids when I'm able to disconnect the chain from the sewing machine...lol
I'll be sure to post photos of completed works as well as some in progress and look forward to seeing what others are up to also

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This is a fairly blank page for a really good reason......     It's nearly the end of the year and we probably dont need any new projects right now..... BUT I want to hear from you right here.  Your likes, your crafts, your ideas, things you heard about that might work so we can have fun together.

Post pictures, links, suggestions ........ that would be great.  Im up for a vote on it LOL but I dislike too many cuts when it comes to craft groups.  Dont hold back!!!

The next post from me will be a very approximate 12 month plan......  a round robin, a challenge... you know.... and some ideas from what you can share.


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